The safe reopening of activities at Saint Michael's has resumed with in-person Worship Services - no reservations are needed.

Noah’s Ark has reopened to customers with limited occupancy. Click here for more details.

St. Michael's Ministry groups can meet at church using a hybrid model with the option for participants to attend via ZOOM as well.

Please call the church office for additional information.


Sunday Livestream Service



    Off Air Instructions

If you see an “Off Air” message on the main screen, in the upper right corner of the Livestream window there will be a box with a white triangle.  Click the triangle and the service will begin.


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Sunday Zoom Social

Sunday Social Gathering on Zoom

11:45 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

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Meeting ID: 820 4283 7246

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Easter Indoor Service 2021


Saturday & Sunday After Service Socials

Welcome Back! was the theme for our resumed in-person, After Service Socials, on Saturday and Sunday. As we begin to use the kitchen again, it is good to remind ourselves of food safety practices that will ensure that all food being served is done so in a safe manner to prevent the spread of any bacteria or illness.

Please click here for some important Food Safety Guidelines.  They will be especially helpful as you think about hosting any in-person "food events" at St. Michael's.

First June Socials 2021


Reflections 6/11/2021


There is a very old joke that begins with the question: how many Episcopalians does it take to change a light bulb? The answer is three: one to take out the old bulb, one to put in the new bulb, and one to talk about how much he loved the old bulb. I think the joke has something to do with being resistant to change.

I know exactly how many Episcopalians it takes to change a lightbulb. One. One “Angel on the Go.” Our Angels on the Go are a marvelous group of volunteers who are willing to assist with small household projects (like changing a lightbulb), yardwork, transportation to church and appointments, picking up donations for the Ark and computer assistance.

All you have to do is email or call Susan in the church office 239-472-2173 and someone will come to assist you. The angels are anxious to reach out and assist.

This program is a wonderful example of who we are as a parish community. When there is a need, people are happy to jump in and help out. It gives us an opportunity to love our neighbor.

Jerry Davenport suggested this program based on its success in another parish, and he deserves our thanks for spearheading this effort here at St. Michael’s. Don’t hesitate to reach out for an Angel on the Go if you have a need they can help with.



Fr. Bill's Friday Video Message
The Rector's Video Message will return on June 25th.  Stay tuned!


Friday Brief Banner

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Special Events

Episcopal evangelism image

   (Click here to join the Summer Forum via Zoom)                           

Stories are the heart of evangelism, and everybody has one. Join us as we explore the moments when we’ve experienced God’s loving presence in our lives through Embracing Evangelism, a six-part series that includes brief videos, reflections and small group discussion facilitated by either Rev. Bill, Rev. Doug, Rev. Anne, Luann or Jonathan. Attend 1, 2 or more or all 6 sessions. Each one is stand alone.

So what is Episcopal evangelism?  Here is what it is not: it isn’t memorized lines, absolutes, or the conviction that we're fixing anyone. Rather, it starts with wonder, holy curiosity, and the knowledge that the Holy Spirit is moving - and we just need to catch up.

As Episcopalians, we promise in our Baptismal Covenant to proclaim by word and example the Good News of God in Christ. That is a bold statement, requiring us to not only act, but also to tell.  Join us this summer as we share stories and learn what Episcopal evangelism really is!

Light refreshments will be served in the hall, (or you can enjoy them in your home if you are joining us via zoom).

Prayer Potluck 772021
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Vacation Bible School 2021

St. Michael and All Angels will offer a Vacation Bible School during the week of June 28th to July 2nd (9 a.m.-12 noon), and all children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, friends and also children from the Sanibel and Ft. Myers area are welcome to join in!  

Sue Van Oss, our Communications Director and Wendy Warner, RN, our Parish Nurse will be leading this exciting week and we hope you’ll spread the word to your friends, neighbors and family who may be visiting. Children entering grades K-5 in September 2021 (or if pre-K - at least age 5) are eligible to register and this program is free of charge.

You can register children online, via email, by mail, or by dropping off a completed registration form at the church office. 

Click here for more registration information.


NA Bag Day 7302021



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Angels on the go revised



Bible Study will resume July 1st
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