We welcome people from all denominations and locales to this parish.  Saint Michael's is a strong, faithful and growing intergenerational congregation whose ministries are enriched by visitors and parishioners.  Whether you are here for a week, a season, or year-round, we welcome you to this household of faith and we invite you to make this your home.

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Father Bill's Friday Message 10/23/2020 *

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Our Rector's Weekly Reflection 10/23/2020



Verses two and three of hymn #304 “I Come with Joy to Meet my Lord” say: “I come with Christians far and near to find, as all are fed, the new community of love in Christ’s communion bread.  As Christ breaks bread and bids us share, each proud division ends.  That love that made us makes us one, and strangers now are friends.”  I am always moved when I sing these words.

Congregational singing and giving and receiving communion are the two things I miss the most during this time of separation.  They are the moments in our liturgy of Holy Eucharist that I experience the deepest connection to God and the people gathered.  I have had some powerful experiences of communion over the years.

As a little boy, I watched my parents receive with closed eyes and folded hands.  Their devotion and reverence were moving.  I knew this was something incredibly special.  As a teenager I remember communion around the campfire, each camper sharing the bread and cup with the person next to them.  In my own faith journey, I remember how powerful it was to be told I was welcome to receive communion at the Episcopal Church we had wandered into one Sunday morning.  We were welcome because it is God’s table, not ours.

As I priest, I love looking people in the eyes and saying “the body of Christ” with the bread between us, hoping to convey that they, and the bread, are Christ’s body.  Sometimes people receive with tears in their eyes.

I remember the little boy who came up one Sunday.  After giving him the bread, he asked for more.  I realized later that he was hungry.  I remember one Sunday when a convicted felon knelt down next to the holiest woman I have ever met.  It was a glimpse of the kingdom of God.

Communion is powerful.  Being without it during this pandemic has been difficult.  As a way of safely offering it, I have decided to begin having “drive through” communion each Sunday.  Beginning November 1st (All Saints Sunday!) you can receive communion by coming to church between 9:15 and 10:15 a.m.  Enter from Dunlop, drive through the parking lot to the area near the side doors just off Periwinkle.  I will give you the consecrated host(s) using a tray.  The host(s) will be in a small plastic bag that was packaged safely.  You can consume it then or during the communion portion of the recorded service.

Hopefully this simple ritual will help to satisfy your hunger for communion until we are able to gather in-person once again. 

Peace, +Bill


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