The safe reopening of in-person activities at Saint Michael's has resumed with limited in-person Worship Services.  Registration here is required. The Registration site will be updated each week for participants to reserve a time slot for an in-person weekly Service at St. Michael's.

Noah’s Ark has reopened to customers with limited occupancy. Click here for more details.

St. Michael's ministry meetings, parish meetings and other gatherings, will continue to be held via Zoom for now.

Please call the church office for additional information.


In-person Weekend Services

We have limited seating available for all in-person services each weekend, masks are required to attend.

Our scheduled services are:

  • Saturday - 5:00 p.m. (indoor)
  • Sunday -   8:00 a.m. (indoor)
  • Sunday -  10:30 a.m. (indoor & livestreamed)


Registration for in-person services opens every Tuesday at noon.  Please register here each week.

Also being offered:  Saturday - 7:00 p.m. (Simple Communion Service, outdoors. Call the church office to register.)

Please note:  we are highly recommending participants be fully vaccinated for all services at this time.

Sunday Livestream Service



    Off Air Instructions

If you see an “Off Air” message on the main screen, in the upper right corner of the Livestream window there will be a box with a white triangle.  Click the triangle and the service will begin.


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Fr. Bill's Friday Video Message 5/14/21


Changes to COVID Protocols


Yesterday the CDC released updated guidelines regarding wearing masks and distancing for people who are vaccinated and those who have not received the vaccine. Guidelines from the Bishop released today advise us to primarily take into account the safety of our parishioners and church sanctuary buildings. Along with following the CDC guidelines as fully as possible, Bishop Smith advises that:

  • For fully vaccinated people, mask wearing and social distancing are optional
  • For non-vaccinated individuals, mask wearing and social distancing are highly recommended
  • Guidelines for Holy Communion will remain the same
  • Consider designating an area for those who desire to continue social distancing


Because people registered for services assuming masks and distancing for this weekend, we will keep them in place.  Beginning next weekend (Pentecost!) we will have a revised set of guidelines which will include masks being optional.  An email blast will be sent out on Tuesday with details.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.
Peace, Bill+


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Brother David Vryof of the Society of St. John the Evangelist in Boston led a (virtual) diocesan vestry retreat day last Saturday entitled: “Seeking God Together: Prayerfully Guiding the Church.”  In the first session, Brother David gave us some wonderful insights on prayer.

He asked us to consider whether our prayer is one-sided (i.e. we’re doing all the talking and God all the listening).  Do we just view prayer as a task?  Is it simply us asking for things?

He encouraged us to see God as the initiator of prayer, that it is God reaching out to us.  If prayer is a conversation that God initiates, then we best experience it with a posture of receptivity.  We become curious, asking: where will I find God today?  How will God manifest God’s self today?
He told a story of when he used to play hide and seek with the “wee ones,” and how he would always let part of his shirt or foot stick out from where he was hiding because he wanted to be found.  So it is with God.  If we approach prayer with curiosity and a posture of receptivity, we are open to glimpses of God.  It can happen in the beauty of the created world around us, in the kindness of a friend, by sharing a meal, in a quiet moment at the beginning or the end of the day or in countless other ways.
Br. David reminded us that, as with most things, practice helps us get better.  By practicing prayer, practicing receptivity, we get better at seeing and hearing God in our prayer.  Check out the wonderful prayer practices videos on our website and approach each day with the question: where will I find God today?




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