Due to the pandemic, we are not currently meeting in person at Saint Michael's. 

We welcome you to view our recorded Services online, posted here on the website, every week on Saturday afternoon. 

Each Service also premieres on our FaceBook page at 10:30am every Sunday. All ministry meetings, parish meetings and other gatherings, are held via Zoom.

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Weekly Sunday Worship Service

Our Sunday Worship Service Video will be available weekly for viewing on this page every Saturday afternoon and on our FaceBook page at 10:30 on Sunday mornings.

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Weekly Sunday Communion

Drive Thru Communion is available every Sunday morning at Saint Michael and All Angels Church. Come anytime between 9:15am -10:15am. Enter the church grounds off Dunlop and proceed through the parking lot to the area outside the red doors of church. Remain in your car, please wear a mask, and Fr. Bill will bring safely packaged communion to your car window. You can also take communion to someone who isn't able to get to church.

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Fr. Bill's Friday Message January 22, 2021
Weekly Reflection 1/22/2021

Fish for People

According to the Gospels, the first people Jesus called to follow him were fishermen.  I have often wondered why, and I have preached many sermons on the question: why fishermen?  What qualities of being fisherman made them good disciples? Patience?  A willingness to change and adapt?  An ability to “read” the water, to understand the signs of the times?  Resiliency? That they were able to take delight in the process (fishing) more than the outcome (catching)?

But here is another thought: maybe Jesus chose fisherman and invited them to “catch” others for God, because they were there.  They were the ones he happened upon at the beginning of his public ministry as he wandered through Galilee.  They were the ones who became part of the story at that time.
If Jesus had come upon cooks, he might have invited them to prepare food for all who were hungry.

If Jesus had come upon farmers, he might have inspired them to plant a harvest of justice for the children of God.  

If Jesus had come upon teachers, he might have called them to be educators who helped each of their students to realize their full potential and to strive for it.  

If Jesus had come upon parents and grandparents, he would have called them to set a good example and show unconditional love for their children and grandchildren. 

Each of us has “nets,” gifts and talents, that we are called to use to let the light of God’s love shine through in our varied vocations and ministries at every stage of life.
Beginning February 3rd, we will be offering a Wednesday evening virtual Christian Education forum series.  Our parishioner panelists will talk about how their faith has an impact on the practice of medicine, business dealings, education and the practice of law.  It will be a wonderful opportunity to hear about how their faith had an impact on their career calling.

Jesus called fishermen a long time ago at the Sea of Galilee.  Jesus calls us to live out our faith, to put it into practice, in our vocations and ministries today.

Peace & Blessings,


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