Lawn Chair Visits

Father Bill is availalbe to meet, greet and stay connected to parishioners through "lawn chair visits" at St. Michael's. 

Lawn chair visits occur outside, either at a parishioner's home or in small groups at the church, with everyone in their own lawn chairs, of course adhering to CDC 's socially distant spacing recommendations - weather permitting. Please contact Fr. Bill or Susan in the chuch office for more information.


Stay Connected With Us

We're on facebook - click on the logo below for Church news, photos, videos and more!   



Connecting with Zoom

Zoom is a great way to stay connected with Fr. Bill, your family and friends!  It's easy to set-up, use and manage (click here for a printable "how to" guide).  An online connection software tool, Zoom is especially useful during these difficult times where in-person contact is severely limited.  Zoom is also one of the many ways Fr. Bill uses to meet, greet and stay connected to parishioners.

Zoom offers a free participant choice that allows users to easily and quickly "join a meeting"  to see and chat with family, friends, doctors, or businesses.  There are also, of course, paid subscriptions choices that include additional enhanced features however, many Zoom users find that a free membership more than meets their needs.  

Susie Wilson will offer Zoom lessons for newbies or anyone who needs a refresher. Email Susie with questions or to schedule your lesson!

Please note:  you need to setup a Zoom account and download the software before having your lesson.


Other Technology Help
Sometimes Technology is a mystery and its not always our friend!  Click here for a few Computer Tutorials that may be helpful as you work with new applications and software.  If you have any additional questions, email Sue Van Oss for assistance;  she and the Digital Ministry team will be happy to try to help solve whatever technology challenges you encounter.